ScreenSnap Goes Global: Lone Pine Film Museum, Lone Pine, California

dscn4148For another thrilling instalment of my travels tracking film around the world, let me introduce Lone Pine Film Museum. I must admit, I stumbled across this absolute gem purely by accident when my family and I happened to be staying in the small town of Lone Pine after driving through Death Valley on our way towards Yosemite National Park. We had no idea it was there- we had a free morning and thought we might as well give it a shot. And it changed my life.

(Well not exactly, but it certainly sparked my interest in Westerns.)

dscn4153Lone Pine and the surrounding wilderness has been a prime filming location for not only classic Westerns, but a number of other famous films spanning a number of genres. Walk into the entrance hall and you’ll see Dr Schultz’s carriage from the beginning of Django Unchained, parts of which were filmed nearby, and then passing through you’ll go on to exhibitions featuring a huge selection of other props, posters, costumes and more. Some examples of well-known blockbusters that were filmed in the area include Gunga Din, Iron Man, Tremors, Star Wars, Gladiator, plus a range of Westerns spanning the decades. (Incidentally, Lone Pine’s burger restaurant has an amazing collection of John Wayne memorabilia as its decor.)

So if you’re ever in the area, definitely give this museum a visit. There’ll definitely be films represented there that you’ve seen, and probably some that you would least expect. It’s not huge but full of stuff so ideal if you’ve got a spare hour or two.

Photos my own.


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