Tremors (1990)


Director: Ron Underwood Cast: Kevin Bacon, Fred Ward, Finn Carter

After a number of mysterious disappearances, the residents of a small town discover that there’s some strange species living underground popping up to eat them one by one. When the town is surrounded by these creatures, the residents led by the ever-heroic Kevin Bacon have no choice but to fight them off themselves.

For a B-Movie, Tremors is actually pretty good. The risk with B-Movies is that there’s a very fine line between so bad it’s good, and then just outright bad; Tremors is definitely the former. It’s funny, the plot makes sense, and at times it’s actually a bit tense. The worm-like creatures are a ridiculous concept but up close they’re actually a bit creepy, plus the added factor that they’re very difficult to kill makes the story quite compelling.

I must confess that I absolutely love Kevin Bacon so admittedly I am biased in favour of any movie he’s in. The fact that he’s a well known actor elevates this among B-Movies as he’s arguably quite good at acting, as is Fred Ward who’s also got a strong acting repertoire under his belt. Overall then, Tremors isn’t totally embarrassing to watch.

I’ve struggled with what to rate this one, since it’s actually quite good but can’t really rate it the same as some of the other films I’ve done which are considered classics… So I’ve given it a special B-Movie rating, taking into account that it’s supposed to be bad (or maybe I’m just trying to excuse myself for having terrible taste).

3 B-Movie stars


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